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| September 22, 2015

Art in General is a non-profit institution located in the west end of Chinatown, famous for its efforts of promoting and exhibiting artists from Eastern Europe. Culture, politics, ecology and society are just a few of the topics addressed by the works which are often created to be included in the gallery’s permanent program. The beauty of the art pieces that can be viewed here is that these are less influenced by the art market. These are produces as bold and modern approaches for innovating media and public art.

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The sixth floor of a lower Manhattan loft building houses the works presented by this contemporary art gallery while the store front is used as a screening room. Accessing the space dedicated to the exhibition is a real art experience as in the elevator there are sounds and videos displayed for each guest.

The mission of Art in General is to make the public aware about the new styles and influences that shape today’s art so it helps emerging and unknown artists to create and present their latest works.  Both local and international artists are promoted through the International Collaboration program and the New Commissions Program which works closely together with many art organizations around the world. One of its most important annual events is the symposium called What Now? which addresses timely and critical issues in curatorial and artistic practice.

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Art in General has over 30 years of activity in providing some of the rarest resources to anonymous artists- funding and exhibition space. New York City is overwhelmed by the most innovating forms of art and emerging artists, but Art in General has succeeded in getting the art public’s full attention with its featured local and international artists who are assisted in creating important and revolutionary projects, appreciated by both critics and art fans.

Martin Weinstein and Teresa Liszka are the two very famous artists who in 1981 founded Art in General. The art gallery was hosted by the General Hardware building and it was at that time a well-known space for artists to meet, inspire and exhibit. Since the first day it opened its doors to the art community, it has continuously evolved into an iconic New York institution dedicated to the difficult work of supporting countless local and international artists by using direct funding and deep personal connections.

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Mostly, Art in General promotes artists that are just starting their careers. Marina Abramović, Glenn Ligon and Gavbriel Orozco are among the first artists that were discovered and promoted by the art gallery, and that are still displayed in the storefront. Their path has started here, in this unique and modern art center, but it continues to rise with major exhibitions in important institutions, like the New Museum, MoMa and the Tate Modern.

Art in General is located at 79 Walker St # 6, New York, NY 10013 and it invites art public to come in and discover innovating and fascinating approaches on contemporary art and new forms of expression.

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