How to Buy Vintage Fashion Items

Buying vintage fashion items is one of the greatest pleasures of modern life because it gives us the chance of finding unique and stylish treasures that nobody else has and that can bring incredible value to our look. Plus, these days they don’t make clothing, purses or accessories like they did back then. The quality of the garments, the beauty of the fabrics and the grace of the lines are just a few of the details that can be found only on vintage fashion items.

Buying vintage clothing, purses or accessories isn’t such a piece of cake. It takes a little background knowledge, a quick research of the available sources and a lot of time invested into studying the available merchandise. Below you have a pretty inclusive and comprehensive guide for buying vintage fashion items.

  1. What “vintage” really means?

The first thing you must know is that “vintage” refers to items manufactured at least 30 years ago. Usually, the wearable clothing and purses that fall into the vintage category range from the 1920s to the 1970s. We are definitely ruling out the 80s.

  1. What is your favorite vintage decade?

It is important to know what your favorite vintage style is and in what decade its origins are. Every decade has a certain focus on particular parts of the body and it uses distinctive fabrics, patterns and colors. Simply run a quick search of the style that appeals to you the most and find out when it made its debut. From here you can start identifying various trends that were iconic for that time. For instance, the 20s are known as the flapper fashion era, the 30s for their glamour style, the 50s for their rock’n’roll inspiration, the 70’s for tailored lines and the 80’s for the hippie fashion move.

  1. Know what to expect.

Don’t forget that vintage means worn. These clothing and bags aren’t brand new. The quality is very good, the style is charming, but these fashion items have been worn before. To make sure that you are getting the best quality money can buy, inspect the garments very well and make sure these do not have any obvious blemishes or flaws.

vintage bags

For example, when you are looking for a Hermes Birkin Bag in a vintage store you need to be realistic about your expectations. This fabulous designer purse that has been worn by so many celebrities doesn’t come cheap, no matter if it is new or worn. So you will probably end up paying at least a thousand dollars on a vintage bag if you are so lucky as to find one in one of these stores, but what you should really pay attention to are the quality details. Make sure that the purse does not have any discolorations, ripped parts, broken metallic details or other visible flaws of Birkin Handbag.

  1. Sizes vary

When it comes to sizes, vintage clothing represents a huge problem. Over the years, beauty standards, figures and sizes charts have changed greatly. This is why; shopping for vintage clothing online isn’t such a great idea. You never know what to expect when you select a certain size. The best thing to do is to purchase these fashion items from an actual store and try the clothing on before you pay for them. Plus, most vintage clothing are not refundable so you better check this small detail with the seller prior to buying the product.

  1. Decide on a budget.

It is essential to decide on a budget before you start shopping for vintage fashion items. Depending on the source, vintage clothing or purses can cost more than what we usually find in luxury stores these days. We don’t want to discourage you, but quality vintage designer products usually cost a small fortune, especially if these are in a pretty good shape and if the designer is famous. This is why deciding on a budget is a must. Indeed, a collectible fashion item is worth the extra bucks, but only you can decide if you should spend your entire savings on it.

  1. Identify the best sources for vintage fashion items.

Before you start shopping for vintage clothing or bags, you should really know what the best stores out there are. There are numerous sources for purchasing this type of products, but not all of them offer the same quality or prices. This is why you should always research the available sellers from your area, the type of clothing and purses they offer, the degree of quality and price range.

The most common sources for vintage fashion items are:

  • Specialized vintage stores

These are stores that sell only vintage clothing and purses. These function pretty much like any other antique store. The merchandise they offer is carefully selected and represents a form of art pieces that appeal to fashion aficionados. The merchant has a rich knowledge of the products it sells and is able to offer you very good quality garments. To find these type of stores you just need to search online the nearest shops from your location.

  • Online Stores

The richest selection of vintage clothing and purses can be found online. There are numerous websites that carry this type of garments and that organize auctions. Besides, there are general sales and advertisements posted by families that sometimes offer boxes full of old clothing and purses. The downside with ordering online is that you never know what you will find. There are times when you will come across real treasures and times when you will be disappointed by the quality or value of the items.

  • Charity shops and thrift stores.

Here you will find the best thrills ever while you are exploring the isle of clothes in the search of the perfect vintage purse or clothing. These stores offer a wide and diverse selection of garments from different decades. It’s the best option for finding affordable and beautiful vintage fashion items that will complement your style beautifully.

  • Local garage or yard sales.

Don’t ignore the opportunity of a great yard or garage sale or even a flea market as here you can discover a fun and amazing source of vintage purses or clothing at the lowest possible price.